Our Technicians Come to You

Our Technicians Come to You

We travel from Lafayette, LA to everywhere else for road welding

Reach out to Guidry Welding, Inc anywhere in the United States when you need our welding services. We're always ready to hit the road. Welding requires a lot of expertise, and you can't always find that close to home. That's why we make it our mission to travel where we're needed.

We can work with a variety of machines, parts and tools. No matter where you are or what you need fixed, we can make it happen. We can repair:

  • Apartment complex stairs
  • Firepits and barbecues
  • Metal trellises
  • Roadside signs

Call us today to ask about on-the-road welding based out of Lafayette, LA.

Alert us about any necessary guard rail repair

Broken, rusty guard rails can lead to disaster, especially on precarious roads and bridges. Guard rail repair is important because it keeps holes and flaws in guard rails from becoming larger issues.

We'll weld the railing back in place so the road is safe to travel on once again.

Contact us now to inform us when you need guard rail repair in Lafayette, LA.