Build Now With the Right Tools

Build Now With the Right Tools

We’re happy to work on aluminum repair in Lafayette, LA

Get in touch with Guidry Welding, Inc when you need aluminum repair. We won’t make you wait. Our technicians will meet with you right away to assess the repairs needed and get to work.

We also fabricate or cut aluminum and stainless steel. In addition to cutting, we do welding of all types. Our specialists use a special burning table to keep welders safe and to keep measurements precise and accurate. We use these machines to cut sheets of metal.

Call now to find out more about aluminum repair in Lafayette, LA.

Get the parts you need with plate rolling service

Plate rollers are round cylinders that are also known as roll canes. Plate rolling service makes an impact because the rollers convert flat metal sheets into round or conical shapes.

We also have structural rollers that make pipes and T-bars. Our pipe bender can change up smaller pipes, whether they’re steel or aluminum.

Call us today to start benefitting from our plate rolling service in Lafayette, LA.